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Our Banking Law sector has as main objective the regulation of operations that take place in the private economic system, focusing on companies of
The Abi-Ackel Business Structuring area provides full assistance for the development of business activities, with a focus on strategic planning and optimization of business plans.
At Abi-Ackel Advogados, we develop a strategic analyzes of all legal thesis, possibilities of agreement and success.  Our multidisciplinary team manages the accounts using
The Consumer Relations area at Abi-Ackel Advogados has a solid reputation and national recognition. Managing big accounts in different sectors, our work stands out
We act in the advisory and litigation areas, guided by an improved study of the Clients’ demands, seeking the security of the business, analyzes
Abi-AckelAdvogadoshas a highly specialized team in the defense of the Company (in cases where the legal entity itself is able to answer to criminal
Our multidisciplinary team works with consultative advisory for the implementation and management of companies, defining the best legal structure to be adopted according to
Based on the wide knowledge of Abi-Ackel Advogados in this segment, action is carried out through combative, punctual and effective measures, with a focus
Abi-Ackel Advogados offers specialized legal services in environmental law, with advisory and litigation activities. The main focus is preventive consultancy, providing extensive legal advice
Abi-Ackel Advogados has a team specialized in understanding the family structure, not only from the patrimonial point of view, which allows the construction of
With the constant transformation of this sector, which results in its increasing judicialization, Abi-Ackel – AdvogadosAssociados operates in the analyzes and valuation of risks, based on
Abi-AckelAdvogadosAssociados has a wide scope of activities in this area, providing highly specialized services in the advisory or litigation fields. With a vast experience
Abi-AckelAdvogadosoffers specialized legal services for the mining industry, working with companies and regulatory agencies, processes for the purchase and sale of mining assets, legal
In this field, Abi-AckelAdvogados provides advisory and litigation legal services. The performance is based on the use of innovative and efficient legal techniques, aiming


Abi-Ackel’s tax practice is strongly determined in providing our Clients with a complete view of the alternatives, benefits and possible risks involved in the
Abi-Ackel’s performance is based on a thoughtful and serious relationship of its partners with digital businesses and startups. Our work follows the dynamism of
Abi-AckelAdvogadosis a reference in Tort Liability. Its performance is based on understanding and resolving conflicts with agility, proactivity and combativeness, always through innovative and


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